Local traffic

Local traffic in Raahe is available in the form of seven bus lines. Additionally, bus lines for commuting to school and work operate from Mattilanperä and Pattijoki’s Ylipää.

Line numbers and bus operators:

  • Lines 10, 40 Revon Turistiliikenne Oy
  • Lines 20, 40, 50, 51 Raahen Tilausliikenne Oy
  • Lines 52, 53 Käkelän Liikenne

Ticket types

All local traffic operators accept the same tickets.

A single ticket is suitable for those who use public transport occasionally; it can be purchased by cash from the bus driver. An adult’s ticket price varies according to the length of the trip. For example, a ticket for a trip of 0-6 km costs €3.30.

Raahe City Ticket is a ticket sold by Matkahuolto for working persons and those who use public transport regularly. With this ticket, you can travel in the Raahe municipal area without restrictions for 30 days using several buses, local transport and chartered transport operating in the area. Raahe City Ticket price varies according to the length of the trip:

Price Table
Kilometres Price in Euros  (€)
0-9 km 43 €
9-16 km 62 €
16-25 km 87 €

When making the first purchase, you should be prepared to pay by card in addition to being aware of the prices above. After acquiring the card, it is possible to add more travel time to the ticket.

Elsewhere online

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