Development projects

We carry out projects and development tasks in accordance with The City of Raahe’s urban strategy. We establish the feasibility of development ideas and financing options and bring together our stakeholders.

The City of Raahe’s development projects are coordinated in the Urban Development and Visibility Unit. We carry out projects and development tasks in accordance with Raahe’s urban strategy as an in-house operation within the city. In our operations, we emphasise the development perspective, taking initiative, participating in network cooperation and acting as an enabler. We actively participate in development work and explore financing opportunities that would be suitable for our development needs based on the framework specified in the budget.

The projects act as tools that help provide more resources for our development measures.

Our operational objectives include:

  • Regional development and supporting the service range for municipal residents.
  • Active utilisation of project funding allocated to the region.
  • Project planning focused on development needs and exploring various funding opportunities.
  • During each operating period, we pursue having at least two ongoing EU-funded projects, in which we act either as the manager or as a partial executer.

Projects that are currently ongoing or have been recently concluded are listed in the menu on the left (only available in Finnish).

An old two-storey building with different colours and materials for each floor.
Rantakatu 7 A, the training school of the former teachers’ college. Photograph: Anni Mämmelä.