Museum services

The Raahe Museum offers experiences at seven different museum locations. Finland’s oldest local museum, the Packhouse, features an unusually extensive collection of religious sculptures from the 17th century. The main attraction of the newest museum, the Crown Granary, is the Old Gentleman, the oldest surviving diving suit in the world.

The mission of the Raahe Museum is to preserve, study, protect and make known the traditions, objects and buildings related to the material environment as well as nature, and to promote the preservation of local heritage and history as a hobby.

The museum has a wide range of services. We offer guided tours in Finnish and English for our museum locations, and our extensive photo archive, expert services and material available for borrowing benefit students, researchers as well as other hobbyists and professionals in the field. Our workshops are aimed at visitors of all ages.

The Raahe Museum also rents out premises for various club and association activities and small celebrations. Premises can also be rented by private individuals. As a new service, we have established a bookcrossing point, a place to recycle books for the benefit of all local Raahe residents and visitors

To whom and on what terms

Most Finnish museums are co-funded by the central government and municipalities. Museums also obtain financing through their fund-raising activities, including entrance fees.


ToimipisteThe Crown Granary is the newest museum within the scope of the Raahe Museum, opened to the public on 21 October 2012.

Merikatu 10
92100 RAAHE

ToimipisteThe buildings housing the Ojala Museum used to be the Ojala farm. The exhibition and offices spaces on the premises can be rented for meetings.

Ojalantie 30

ToimipisteThe Old Pharmacy exhibits one of the most valuable collections of pharmaceutical objects in Finland.

Kauppakatu 31
92100 RAAHE

ToimipisteDuring the Finnish War, the so-called Convention of Olkijoki was signed on 19 November 1808 at the Lassila inn.

Siikajoentie 544

ToimipisteThe museum at the Packhouse is located in the premises of the Old Customs House completed in 1848.

Rantakatu 33
92100 RAAHE

ToimipisteThe Saloinen Museum is an extensive complex depicting old sources of livelihood in the Saloinen region, i.e. fishing and farming.

Arkkukarintie 53

ToimipisteThe Sovelius House is the oldest surviving residential building in Raahe, dating back to the 1780s. The museum office is located downstairs.

Rantakatu 36
92100 RAAHE

Beautiful, tree-lined building by the sea.
Packhouse. Photo: Satu Kiviniitty, Raahe Museum.