City of Raahe looks confidently into the future – The green transition of the energy sector brings enormous new opportunities to the region

Raahe, the second largest city in Northern Ostrobothnia, was established more than 370 years ago as an international port city, and it is still that city. The city looks confidently into the future, as the green transition of the energy sector brings enormous new opportunities to the region.

The Raahe region has several key factors of the hydrogen economy in both energy production and consumption, and thus good conditions to actively participate in the growth of the hydrogen economy.

Green electricity and its guaranteed supply is one of the most important criteria for investors, alongside transport connections, when deciding on the locations of plants of international importance.

Raahe is well connected: Main road 88 inland, highway 8 north and south, airport one hour away, electrified railway up to the port and the sea open to the world. Now we have to invest in the availability of clean, fossil-free electricity.

– Harri Tuomikoski, Industrial Ombudsman of the City of Raahe

The largest port in the Bay of Bothnia is constantly being developed. Activities will be expanded, electrified, and taken towards an environmentally friendly future. Emission-free ship turns, biofuels, hydrogen, wind power, and hybrid steel are the terms with which Pauli Sarpola, Managing Director of the Port of Raahe, refers to the future.

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Aerial photograph of the Raahe, Pikkulahti area in the summer.
Photo: Antti Baas.

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