Public transport

Dear passenger, This page contains concise descriptions of the various transport services that will allow you to move smoothly in the areas of Raahe and Vihanti. Timetables, ticket product information and contact information can be found in text fields that open.

In the Raahe area, urban public transport is operated with local buses and service transport cars. In addition, there are connections from the bus station to Vihanti railway station (37 km) and Oulu Airport (75 km).

Raahe-kyyti (Demand responsive transport)


The Kyyti-Pekka and Kyyti-Fiia service buses operating in Raahe’s town centre, along with the demand responsive bus service, will be merged into the Raahe-kyyti service from 10 June 2024 onwards. In connection with the update, Kyyti-Pekka’s and Kyyti-Fiia’s own call lines will be discontinued, and all journeys will be scheduled centrally from Raahe-kyyti’s dispatch centre or via the mobile application.

Raahe-kyyti is a service available to all age groups and passengers, and its routes are determined according to the customers’ needs. This means that you’ll be able to request transportation either between your chosen bus stops or from door to door. The areas serviced by Raahe-kyyti can be seen on the map below.

The areas serviced by Raahe-kyyti.

Operating hours

  • Demand responsive bus: Mon-Fri 7–19 and Sat 9–15
  • Service bus: Mon–Fri 7.30-15.30
  • There is no service on midweek holidays.

How to request a ride on a Raahe-kyyti bus

You can request transportation either by phone or by using the mobile application. Requests for rides on either service buses or demand responsive buses will be sent to the same place. If you require assistance during travel, please mention while making the request that you are specifically asking for a service bus.

  • Request a ride by phone: 044 740 4648. 
    The service hours of Raahe-kyyti’s dispatch centre are Mon-Fri 8–16 (standard mobile phone charges).
  • Request a ride through Matkahuolto's Trips and Tickets application. 
    The application allows you to request rides around the clock. Download the free application from your own app store. 
    More information: Booking a DRT ride with the Trips and Tickets app.

The pick-up and arrival times of demand responsive transport are given as time intervals so that your journey can be combined with the journeys of other passengers. You should always be prepared to leave at the earliest possible pick-up time. You may have to wait up to 15 minutes longer than the estimated time for a ride. If you no longer need a ride, please remember to cancel your request by using the application or calling the dispatch centre.

Prices and payments

Raahe-kyyti’s fee per journey in the town centre is

  • 4€/adults
  • 3€/children (ages 4-11).

You can pay either via the application when making your request or with cash, card or mobile ticket when getting on the bus.

Service traffic in the Raahe town centre

Kyyti-Pekka and Kyyti-Fiia are service buses specifically designed to meet the needs of older people and persons with disabilities. However, anyone can travel on them. The drivers will take passengers from door to door and provide assistance where necessary.

As the city centre’s service buses are merged into the Raahe-kyyti service, service traffic operations will remain unchanged. However, going forward, transportation on Kyyti-Pekka and Kyyti-Fiia can also be requested through the application as well as by phone.

Transportation to Kreivinaika will still be an integral part of service bus operations.

Service transport in the Vihanti area

Service transport in the Vihanti area

In Vihanti, service transport is operated with one car as follows: 

  • Monday: Lumimetsä–Lampinsaari–Vihanti
  • Tuesday: Vihanti centre area
  • Wednesday: Kauraperä–Ilveskorpi–Vihanti
  • Friday: Vilminko–Alpua–Vihanti Lukkaroinen–Vihanti.

Reserve your journey from the following number:

  • Vihanti service taxi tel. +358 40 660 9958.
Scheduled transport (Lines 52, 53)

Scheduled transport (Lines 52, 53)

In the scheduled transport lines 52 and 53 you can travel from stop to stop. Bus lines run from Monday to Friday. There is no service during public holidays or school holidays.

Line 52

See the timetable in PDF format: Line 52 timetables 

Line 53

See the timetable in PDF format: Line 53 timetables 

Additional information

Scheduled transport Raahe–Vihanti

Scheduled transport Raahe–Vihanti

Scheduled transport between Raahe and Vihanti serves train passengers, students and employed people. You can board from the bus station, train station and stops along the way. Lines are driven every day of the week.

Raahe-Vihanti route timetable

See the timetable and ticket fares in PDF format: Scheduled transport timetables, Raahe-Vihanti 

Additional information

Demand responsive taxi to the Vihanti train station

Demand responsive taxi to the Vihanti train station

The service operates on a demand responsive transport principle. You can board from Raahe taxi station or from the bus stops along the way. Agree on a pickup point with the driver when you request a ride.  

The price of the service for the customer is EUR 13.00 between Raahe and Vihanti. 

Demand responsive taxi timetable

  • Monday - Sunday Raahe-Vihanti at 21.00 (departing southbound train IC 266 at 21.52)  
  • Monday - Sunday Raahe-Vihanti at 21.35 (arriving northbound train IC 51 at 21.28)

Reserve a ride no later than two hours before the taxi's departure time by calling Raahen Taksi at 0100 3020 (€1.42 + €1/min + local network charge).

Additional information 

Demand responsive taxi to Oulu Airport

Demand responsive taxi to Oulu Airport

The service operates on a demand responsive transport principle. In the centre of Raahe, a taxi will pick you up from a requested address. You can also get on the taxi from bus stops along the way. Agree on a pickup point with the driver when you request a ride. Air cargo can also be transported.   

If your flight is delayed, your ride will wait for you at the airport and no fee will be charged for the extra wait.

Additional information and timetables

Tickets and prices

Tickets and prices

Traffic planner 
Anna-Kaisa Vimpari 
tel. 040 130 8206 
joukkoliikenne [at] (joukkoliikenne[at]raahe[dot]fi)