Raahe Adult Education Centre

Joy of learning and good life, individually yet together.

Owned by the town of Raahe, Raahe Adult Education Centre is an educational institute that provides general education under the authority of the Education Committee. The education centre’s operating areas are the Town of Raahe and the Municipality of Pyhäjoki.

In addition to two full-time teachers and the head teacher, the education centre employs approximately 85 part-time teachers and lecturers.

Raahe Adult Education Centre fulfils the basic mission of liberal adult education and follows the principle of lifelong learning.

We want to provide people of all ages with the joy of learning and good life, individually yet together. The staff of the Raahe Adult Education Centre welcomes all new and returning students, teachers and partners for an interesting and productive academic year.

Raahe Adult Education Centre study guide for 2022–2023.

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High brick building.
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Logo of Raahe Adult Education Centre

Office address

Kirkkokatu 28 (2nd floor)

FI-92100 Raahe

tel. +358 40 135 6779,

+358 40 135 6780

raaheopisto [at] raahe.fi