Nature and Environment

Environmental protection is a statutory duty of the municipality. The environmental protection authority in Raahe is the Permit and Control Division, which has delegated some of its decision-making powers to officials. The municipality must monitor and promote the protection of the environment in its territory in such a way that the protection, management and development of nature and other environments ensure a healthy and comfortable living environment for residents that is also sustainable in terms of the economy of nature.

Raahe Environmental Control handles the permit issues of the Town of Raahe and Siikajoki Municipality. Customer visits should be arranged in advance by telephone or e-mail.

Announcements related to environmental protection are published on the website of the Town of Raahe in Finnish and at

Motor boat at sea, in the background the green island of Isokraaseli.
Island of Isokraaseli. Photo: Henri Ylikulju, Photo gallery of the Raahe region.
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