New residents

What is Raahe? It is a small and vibrant city embraced by the sea and nature. It involves a strong and long-standing Age of Sails history and a modern present day, the seaside in the city centre, industrious everyday life and diverse family hobbies – and a sea breeze that blows through it all. You are warmly welcome to be part of Raahe’s vibrant life!

Boating in front of the Packhouse Museum.
Moving to Raahe is an investment in a relaxed and high-quality everyday life: in this compact city, you’ll have more time left for life and hobbies! Photo: Tanja Marjala.

Best for us, charming for visitors, good for all

We also want to help you feel that Raahe is your safe haven. This website contains comprehensive information for new residents as well as the stories of the everyday experiences of those who have already established themselves in Raahe, a small, perfect city.

Welcome home!

We send a small welcoming gift to each new home from the City of Raahe in few months after moving. Our registers do not include those with direct marketing restriction, so if you have not received your letter, please contact us.

Moving to Raahe

Changing homes is often associated with strong emotions. At the same time, you should also remember to submit a notification of change of address, sign contracts with regard to electricity and Internet access, perhaps take care of day care and school places and find out about many other kinds of things. There a plenty of online checklists for people who are moving, for example, on the infoFinland website in 12 different languages. If necessary, the Resident Marketing Secretary will help with arrangements.

More information online also for people moving internationally

The infoFinland website contains extensive information on what issues need to be taken into account, especially when moving from abroad. To find public services, the Population Register Centre maintains the Public Service Info service. Another good source of information is also, which broadly covers all aspects of life.

Have a look at our brochures

For more information about Raahe also see our city brochure, which you can download to your device as a PDF file or read at