Stories about us

Each of us has our own story. There is no one right way to be a Raahe resident, butwe all make up Raahe, together. We warmly welcome new residents to join us andbelieve that you will feel at home. Let us be proud to be from Raahe!

Smiling couple.
Selvie and Vern. Photo: Aira Meriruoko.

Vern and Selvie

Australia + Indonesia + Raahe = A happycouple enjoying a peaceful and beautiful environment.

Hannu at sea kayaking.
Photo: Hannu Syrjäpalo.


Eighteen years ago, a young man from Raahe moved elsewhere for his studies. He later returned to his home town with his family.

Woman standing in her garden.
Photo: Tarmo Somero.


Tita’s paradise is located in the peaceful countryside in the vibrant village of Haapajoki-Arkkukari, a short drive from the town’s services.

A smiling woman sitting home with a cup of coffee in her hand.
Photo: Tarmo Somero.


In the autumn of 2019, Maritta packed her favourite books and most beloved possessions in her car and drove 658 kilometres north to her old home town.

A man sitting on a rock by the sea.
Photo: Tarmo Somero.


Roippa enjoys living in a suitably-sized seaside town where everything essential can be found within two kilometres of his home.

A man and a woman standing on the steps of a wooden house in the old town.
Photo: Tarmo Somero.

Anniina and Eetu

Anniina and Eetu returned to Raahe and found a home in the old town.

Blue hour at Pekkatori Square in Old Raahe. An illuminated Christmas tree at the forefront.
Photo: Trade House of Lang.

Returning migrants Annekristiina and Emilia

Returning migrants dropped out of the rat race and moved to the idyllic seaside town: “There is luxury in life and more time for the family here”


A family photo of the Kyröläinen family of four.
Photo: Kaleva Media.

The Kyröläinen family

The family of Kyröläinen have so far built three homes in the city of Raahe, where everything necessary is near, and where inhabitants stay active ‘The longest distance to anywhere in Raahe is fifteen minutes’

Heidi smiling behind the sales desk in her shop.
Photo: Tarmo Somero.


Heidi, who spent her childhood in Raahe, lived elsewhere for fifteen years. When it was time for her to start a family, returning to her old home town was a natural and easy choice.

Elina collecting plums in her home garden.
Image: Elina Jaakola's home album.


Elina and her family enjoy their lives in the countryside idyll of Vihanti. Clean nature, a peaceful environment in a safe village community and well-functioning basic services in your own church village – what more could you need?