Anniina and Eetu returned to Raahe and found a home in the old town – “We got really lucky”

Katinhäntä got new residents when Anniina and Eetu moved to the old wooden house in Saaristokatu at the beginning of 2021.

In peace in the middle of a historic setting but still close to everything. Anniina and Eetu are new residents of Old Raahe, natives of Raahe, who returned to their old home town after many twists and turns, and ended up living in a culturally valuable wooden house in Saaristokatu.

Anniina is familiar with wooden Raahe, as she spent her childhood in the Oinonen house in Kauppakatu in Old Raahe. The idea of buying a house in the old town began to fascinate Anniina and Eetu when they lived in a balcony access block for a year.

“I’m familiar with living in an old house, and something in these log houses fascinates me. I started to talk to Eetu about this dream, but we thought that it would not be a very realistic wish because these houses are rarely for sale and they sell quickly,” Anniina says.

Anniina and Eetu also thought that the house to buy should be in good condition, as they do not feel like renovating it themselves. In other words, the aim was to find a house where they could live immediately.

However, the couple got lucky very quickly when, about a year ago, Eetu received information from a colleague that Saaristokatu 8B was coming up for sale. The house turned out to be suitable for Anniina and Eetu, and they had to act quickly.

“The house was never publicly offered for sale. We got really lucky!”

A man and a woman standing on the steps of a wooden house in the old town.
Anniina and Eetu’s dream of having their own house in Old Raahe came true. Photo: Tarmo Somero.

Old Raahe has its own charm – people are interested in the cultural-historical milieu as a residential area

Anniina says that owning a home in the old town is a good thing for many reasons. It is easy to go everywhere, you can find your own peace, and there is also a possibility of having your own garden.

“If you appreciate that you can go to the shop in less than five minutes, for example, then this is an ideal choice. We don’t have a car. We ride bicycles.”

Raahe’s price level is also a factor that makes it easier to buy a home in the area. Eetu reminds us that it would not have been possible to buy a property in a larger city at this price. According to comparisons, municipality-specific property costs are also among the lowest in Raahe.

Moving to the old town has not brought any surprises to the couple; everything has gone surprisingly naturally.

“I knew what it was like to live here. Some of the residents of Old Raahe are still the same as when I lived in this area as a child. We even know the people who are now living in my childhood home,” Anniina says.

Anniina knows that people are interested in wooden Raahe as a residential area, and there is a family in their circle of acquaintances that would be happy to move to the Old Town if only a suitable place could be found. This is one of the things that she hopes will encourage people to take care of the properties in Old Raahe: if the houses are in good condition, there will be buyers.

“If I own a house of such cultural-historical value, I feel it’s my duty to take care of it. It’s in everyone’s interest.”

Old Raahe photographed from above.
The location of the old town of Raahe is ideal: the sea and all services are close by. Photo: Saara Böök.

Sporty couple enjoy Raahe – “There are surprisingly many fun things nearby”

Eetu originally returned to Raahe for work in 2015. Anniina returned after graduating but also spent summers in Raahe during her studies.

They both enjoy living in Raahe. The sporty couple cycle a lot, and they have their own gym conveniently located in the outbuilding. Sometimes they go rowing or paddling.

“Tennis is our shared thing. It’s really inexpensive here, and the courts are good."

Anniina and Eetu are happy to introduce their guests to the gems near their home: Old Raahe in general, the Trade House of Lang and the archipelago.

“The archipelago is great in all seasons. In winter, we can take our guests on a ski trip there. We can also visit a place for ice swimming – there’s one nearby.”

In general, Anniina encourages people to look close by.

“You find great things to do when you’re awake and active. It’s a good idea to support the local community. There are surprisingly many fun things nearby!”

Text: Tarmo Somero, 2021.