The Town Manager

The Town Manager runs the Town under the Town Board. The most important duties of the Town Manager include leading the Town’s administration, finances and other operations.

The Town Manager also ensures that matters handled at the meetings of the Town Council and the Town Board are properly prepared, coordinated and implemented. In addition, the Town Manager serves as a presenting official for the Town Board and the Development Committee and heads the work of the Town’s executive group.

The executive directors of divisions operate under the Town Manager.

The role of the Group Administration is to lead, direct and supervise the entire Town Group under the leadership of the Town Manager. Group services are headed by the Town Manager with the Finance Director as a subordinate.

The Town Manager is the chair of all the Town’s executive groups and the executive group of the Town Group.

The Town Manager’s blog

Town Manager

Leena Mikkola-Riekkinen

leena.mikkola-riekkinen [at]

Executive Secretary

Paula Lumme

tel. +358 40 135 6777

paula.lumme [at]