The motto of Raahe Town Library is “open to change”. Its services are developed open-mindedly, based on the passing of time and customer requests, and offered equally to everyone who wants them.

Library card

As a customer of OUTI libraries, you can use any OUTI library and not just the one in your municipality of residence. You can get an OUTI library card at any OUTI library. Children and young people under 15 years of age must have a written permission from their guardian to obtain a library card.

Printer-friendly registration form (pdf). You can print out the form and fill it in advance. The form is also available at libraries.

A library card is personal. The owner of a library card is responsible for all materials borrowed with it and for the use of their username and PIN code.

If you lose your library card, inform the library. Lost library cards are blocked. You can undo the block by demonstrating your identity with a personal identification document. You can also get a new library card to replace the lost one, which terminates your old username.

A library card is valid for borrowing for five years. When the validity for borrowing expires, the customer’s contact information is checked and the card is reactivated. Incomplete customer information may lead to a borrowing ban.

Changed contact information

Inform the library if your address, telephone number or e-mail address changes. You can provide the new information in person at the library or by telephone, e-mail or through the OUTI online library. Changes made through the OUTI online library are forwarded to the library staff, who then update the information.

In case of a change of name, you must inform the library in person. Bring a personal identification document that has your new name.

The library has a large soft toy and a decorative reading chair.
Main library. Photo: Arja Nevala, Raahe library.
Main library

Rantakatu 45

FI-92100 Raahe

tel. +358 40 135 6799

kirjasto [at]