According to the Public Libraries Act, using, borrowing and reserving public libraries’ own materials as well as guidance and advice provided by the libraries are free of charge. However, local authorities may impose a charge for other services, such as overdue loans and uncollected reserved materials. 

At OUTI libraries, overdue charges do not apply to children’s and youth materials, but the sending of a return reminder is subject to a fee even in such cases. The reminder is usually sent seven days after the due date or, if there are reservations for the materials, the day after the due date. An invoice is sent 60 days after the due date. 

If borrowed materials are damaged while in the customer’s care, the library will charge a fee of €3–5 for minor repairs and, if the material is too damaged to use or lost, the customer must replace the materials with new ones or pay a compensation specified by the library. Due to work-specific copyright fees, DVDs and CD-ROMs can only be compensated through payment. 

If a customer borrows materials from a non-OUTI library and wants the library to return them, the return service is subject to a €10 fee.

A borrowing ban enters into force if a customer has incurred €12 worth of charges or has been sent an invoice.

Pay table

Payment destination

Price in Euros €
Overdue charge €0.15 /day/work

Quick-return loans

Charge cap €5/work
Return reminder €1
Library card €3, the first card is free of charge
Reservation fee No fee
Uncollected reservation €1
Regional loan €1 + the sending library’s fee
Foreign libraries foreign libraries according to the invoice
Photocopies/print-outs (1–50 pages) €0.40/page
Photocopies/print-outs (over 50 pages) €0.20/page
Double-sided pages €0.80
Materials for sale €0.50–1/work
Cloth bags €2