Information about Raahe

...It’s windy again! The wind in Raahe always takes you by surprise: you thought you were going downwind, yet the wind is still blowing in your face. To us, the wind gives a cosy feeling: it blows into our hair and helps us come up with new ideas.

Raahe is a peculiarly attractive seaside town in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia. Raahe’s history is deeply rooted in the sailing ship era, and the culture of storytelling remains strong. We have a highly praised archipelago and a great location by the sea.

Raahe is well known for its steel and metal industry. The agricultural and forestry sectors are important as well. A child-friendly town, Raahe has invested in a comprehensive network of schools and day-care centres. Our precious metal is steel and our treasure is our people.

Information about the town

  • The year of foundation 1649
  • Population 24,359 (2020)
  • Income tax percentage 21.25
  • Area approx. 1,890 km2
  • Consolidations of municipalities: Saloinen, Pattijoki and Vihanti.
  • The Raahe sub-region comprises the municipalities of Raahe, Pyhäjoki and Siikajoki.

Did you know?

  • Raahe archipelago was selected as the top outdoor destination in 2016.
  • Raahe is the base for the largest steel factory SSAB in the Nordic countries.
  • The Old Town of Raahe is one of the best preserved wooden town areas in Finland.
  • Raahe’s Wanha herra (“The old gentleman”) is the oldest preserved diving suit in the world.
Two boys fishing by the shore.
Raahe seaside. Photograph: Saara Böök, image database of Raahe sub-region.