Find your own home

Few cities can boast about their diverse housing options like Raahe. Whether your dream home is a house, a flat, a pad, a dwelling or a farm, you will find it with us. 

Hammer and nail.


Raahe offers great plots that you can browse on the Tonttipörssi (available plots on map) website. Permits are primarily sought through the service. The Technical Centre handles plot and building matters to obtain your dream home. Using local construction firms brings growth to the entire area. 

Juhani Leinonen
tel. +358 40 830 3194
juhani.leinonen [at]

Juha Arola
tel. +358 40 130 3816
juha.arola [at]

Home keys.


Is building not your thing? Not to worry, Raahe also has a number of finished houses for many tastes, and the price level is reasonable, too. You can find a home you like from a local real estate agent or through national search websites. 

Habita, Raahe
OP Koti, Raahe, Raahe

Drawn banknotes.


There are good-quality rental apartments for a variety of needs. The resident satisfaction of the municipally owned Kiinteistö Oy Kummatti and Raahen Seudun Asuntosäätiö is proven to be at peak levels, and furnished flats are also available! 

Raahen Seudun Asuntosäätiö
Kiinteistö Oy Kummatti
Kiinteistö Oy Vihannin Kantti


Rental ads submitted by private individuals can be browsed on the or services.

Options for housing

In Raahe, you can live in a modern flat or a gorgeous detached house by the sea, a 100-year-old high-value property in the middle of the town, a cosy urban community or an affordable rented flat a few minutes’ bike ride away from services. If you like your own peace and quiet, you will find it within a short drive in Raahe’s villages, each of which has its own character.

Affordable housing

The affordability of acquiring and living in a home in Raahe can surprise someone moving from a larger city: Measured by municipal real estate costs, Raahe is one of Finland’s most affordable localities, you can get a large single-family house at the price of a studio apartment. You can then invest the money you’ve saved on housing in high-quality leisure time!

Fast connections to the world

Our agile city and high-speed fibre optic networks offer a great setting for teleworking or even running your own business directly from your home, both from the city centre which offers sea views and from the peace and quiet of the countryside. On the other hand, if you are looking for variation or inspiration for your remote days, you are warmly welcome to work at Praati, the coworking point in the city centre.

Developing city

Our efficient and very precise planning department works hard to meet the demand for plots in our city. Housing near the sea is naturally popular and more of it is underway in the coming years. However, there will be no plots with private beaches as the shore areas remain in recreational use for all city residents to enjoy them.

Summertime Raahe photographed from above. In the foreground, the dark Pikkulahti bay.
In Raahe, you can enjoy the maritime milieu not only in modern apartment blocks but also in the city’s idyllic old town. Photo: Antti Baas.