Services and leisure

There is no need to stray far from the town as Raahe has all the necessary services. Free parking, no traffic jams and smooth-running services – what could be nicer!

Ziplining in front of the Saloinen school centre.
Raahe has invested in developing high-quality local services and the living environment of residents. New, modern school centres have been built in various parts of the city in recent years. Photo: Tanja Marjala.

A diverse range of services

One of the best aspects of a small city is a well-functioning everyday life. The time saved can be used, for example, at events organised throughout the year, by enjoying culture or engaging in sports. In addition to the local hospital and health centres, health care is provided by private clinics. Thanks to the good selection of grocery and special shops, making purchases is a breeze. Public transport is being developed to meet the needs.

“We have what is needed for a good life.”

Activities for every day of the year

To spice up everyday life, you can visit museums, cafés and restaurants or cultural events. In the comfortable environment of the newly renovated library hours pass quickly. Cruises are organised in the Raahe archipelago during the summer, and in the winter you can also visit nearby islands over the ice. Places to visit and trip destinations can be explored in more detail on the VisitRaahe website.

Raahe is the exercise enthusiast’s paradise!

The stunning hiking trails, spa-level indoor swimming pool, almost every ball sport, numerous gyms and countless other recreational opportunities guarantee that everyone will find a sport that they like. The city’s Sports Services take care of sports facilities and provide information about them. The courtyards of schools can also be used by the city residents outside of school hours.

Children’s exercise has been made as easy as possible and the first time is in almost all sports free of charge to familiarize yourself with them. The price level of children’s hobbies is affordable, and you can usually join at any time, even in the middle of the season.