Museum services

The Raahe Museum offers experiences at seven different museum locations. Finland’s oldest local museum, the Packhouse, features an unusually extensive collection of religious sculptures from the 17th century. The main attraction of the newest museum, the Crown Granary, is the Old Gentleman, the oldest surviving diving suit in the world.

The mission of the Raahe Museum is to preserve, study, protect and make known the traditions, objects and buildings related to the material environment as well as nature, and to promote the preservation of local heritage and history as a hobby.

Raahe sub-region Integration Centre

KotoNeuvo provides low-threshold advisory and guidance services for immigrants in the Raahe sub-region (Raahe, Siikajoki, Pyhäjoki).

KotoNeuvo provides support, guidance and advice on matters such as residence permits, family services, education or health services. If necessary, a KotoNeuvo employee can also contact other authorities on behalf of a client.

KotoNeuvo employees also prepare initial assessments and integration plans for immigrants within the scope of integration, in which individual objectives for integration are listed.

North Ostrobothnia could produce at least 10% of the EU’s zero-emission hydrogen

According to a study by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, North Ostrobothnia in Finland should be able to produce at least 10% of the EU’s zero-emission hydrogen in 2030. Its significant wind power capacity makes North Ostrobothnia a very promising region for hydrogen production. Decentralised hydrogen production in connection with wind farms and the transmission of hydrogen through pipelines could also free up electricity transmission network capacity and rationalise land use.

City of Raahe looks confidently into the future – The green transition of the energy sector brings enormous new opportunities to the region

Raahe, the second largest city in Northern Ostrobothnia, was established more than 370 years ago as an international port city, and it is still that city. The city looks confidently into the future, as the green transition of the energy sector brings enormous new opportunities to the region.

The Raahe region has several key factors of the hydrogen economy in both energy production and consumption, and thus good conditions to actively participate in the growth of the hydrogen economy.

Elina's family enjoys their idyllic village life in the communal Vihanti

Vihanti, which has been part of the City of Raahe since 2013, is known for its strong villages, its groundwater, which has been dubbed the best in Finland, and its railway station, which serves both passenger and freight traffic. The largest food plant in the region is also located there, from where the Mummon brand potato products are sent to markets, for example.

Moving to the municipality felt like a homecoming for Elina, who has settled into the village idyll of Vihanti.

Heidi's love for her home town did not waver: “I always knew Raahe to be an active and child-friendly city”

Heidi Joensuu, arriving for the interview on a Tuesday afternoon in February, has had exciting and busy couple of weeks. Chicret, a shop focusing on ecological and responsible fashion and cosmetics which she opened last summer, has just moved to its new premises in Kumpeelenkuja, a location with a long tradition of selling high-quality underwear.

It's been about five and a half years since Heidi moved back to her old home town. In the past, she had moved from Raahe first to Oulu to study, and then to Kajaani, where Heidi set up her first brick-and-mortar shop.

Raahe attracts new and old inhabitants – Everything an active family needs

Raahe has invested a great deal in recreational activities, hobbies and safe transport connections for people of all ages.

The Kyröläinen family praises Raahe's small town idyll, where plenty of services and hobbies are close by, just like in a large city - sometimes even closer.

Pyhtilä and Raahe in general seem to be very desirable, even among people living currently in Oulu. The area provides all the services a family needs, but I think the affordability of living in Raahe is also a significant factor, says Tomi Kyröläinen.

Welcome to enjoy the summer in Raahe!

History and the future meet in Raahe's memorable summer.

Local traditions, food, shopping opportunities, music and dance, nature and art in the middle of the city in parks, markets, archipelago, restaurants, cafés and boutiques. In the beautiful coastal city, everything is accessibly compact. Alone or together.

Once again, summer in Raahe will be full of things to see and experience!

Welcome to enjoy the summer in Raahe!