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Cookies are small text files that are stored on your terminal device. When you are browsing through a website, cookies store information and allow you to use the site in an optimum manner. Cookies do not damage files or terminal equipment. We store cookies for 30 days.

Statistical cookies for user tracking

On the website, cookies are used for Google Analytics user tracking. User tracking helps us to find out where users enter our website and which are the most popular pages on our site. Using the statistical data, we can improve content and user experience. Analytic data is processed and stored so that individual users cannot be identified.

We are temporarily using two versions of the Google Analytics software, and the older version is able to transfer personal data (IP addresses) outside the EU. We will stop using the old version during 2023. The new version of Google Analytics allows anonymisation of IP addresses by default.

Cookies of social media plug-ins to support social media content

Some of the pages use social media plug-ins so that social media content can be displayed and shared on the website. Social media plug-ins can place cookies from their own services on your device.

Click the ‘Cookie Settings’ link at the bottom right corner of each page to change your cookie settings. If you do not change the settings, the website will only use essential cookies.