How to participate in competitive tendering by the Town of Raahe

Open calls for tenders of the Town of Raahe that exceed the national or EU threshold values are published electronically in the Tarjouspalvelu portal.

Available calls for tenders can be viewed in the Tarjouspalvelu supplier portal without registration under calls for tenders. Without registration, you can view the name, description and deadline of the call for tenders. By registering in the service, you can download the call for tenders and associated documents to your computer, submit questions about the call for tenders, read replies to questions and submit a tender electronically. The registration is free of charge and a username is issued immediately upon registration.

For all acquisitions that exceed the national or EU threshold values, a procurement notice will also always be published in the Hilma notification channel.

The Town of Raahe also uses an electronic tendering system for small-scale procurement (= procurement below the national and EU threshold values). The associated notices are published in the Small Scale Procurement Service portal. Submitting a tender requires registration, which is free of charge to the tenderer.

If you have problems submitting a tender, we are happy to help.

If necessary, advice and guidance in terms of the content of tenders is also provided by the procurement representation services of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Northern Ostrobothnia and Procurement Representative Juha Väyrynen. Procurement guidance is free of charge to entrepreneurs and public contracting entities.

The Town of Raahe also uses market dialogue events in larger procurement. A draft of a call for tenders is presented at the event, after which the potential tenderers attending the event may comment on it from their own perspective. Based on the market dialogue event, Procurement Services will make the necessary changes to the call for tenders before the publication of the final call for tenders. Market dialogue events are very good opportunities for both the tenderer and the contracting entity for mutual exchange of information before the actual launch of the competitive tendering.

Market dialogue events are announced in the Hilma notification channel.

Tracking open calls for tenders requires tenderers to be active. Tenderers have access to so-called alert services, guidance for which is available through the procurement representation services.