Information about planning

Planning is the most important tool for urban design. Planning controls the placement of various functions in the environment in the town area. It also monitors that the law, for example, is taken into account in area usage and construction.

Planning programme

Current and future jobs in planning are compiled in a planning programme (planning review) on an annual basis. The purpose of the review is to provide information on planning matters that are or will in the near future become pending in the local authority or the regional council. The Land Use and Building Act defines its contents and the Town Board approves the document.

Other information channels include the planning-related material published on this website, the municipality’s noticeboard and announcements on plan phases in local newspapers. Local newspapers also publish stories on current planning matters.

Planning process

The content in the town plan area of plan levels higher than the plan being prepared must always be taken into account in planning. At the highest level of guiding land use are the national land use objectives that especially govern regional planning. The regional plan, in turn, must be taken into account when preparing the local master plan. The regional plan presents the objectives to be taken into account in further planning that have national or regional significance. The local master plan can be prepared either for the whole municipality or as a component master plan guiding the land use of different types of areas and its planning. The local master plan can guide construction in areas with no local detailed plan prepared, such as residential construction in sparsely populated areas or wind power construction. The local master plan valid in the area of the Town of Raahe consists of component master plans. The valid local master plan guides the preparation of the local detailed plan, which is the most precise level in planning.

The planning phases of the planning process are initiation, draft phase and proposal phase. The planning process ends when the plan proposal is approved and the plan comes into force. The decision-makers in the planning process of the Town Raahe are the Development Committee, the Town Board and the Town Council. The plan is approved by the Town Council. The planning process is described in the participation and assessment scheme published in connection with the initiation of the planning job. As its name implies, the scheme presents, among other things, the opportunities for participating in the planning and their dates.

Sea view.
Sea view to Tasku island. Original photo: Leena Törmälä.