Planning Unit

The Planning Unit is the best expert with regard to the plan situation in the Town of Raahe. The unit prepares, guides and monitors planning-related plans and provides statements on various land use measures for the town’s decision-making. Advance information can be requested from the unit, for example, when considering starting your own construction project.

The Planning Unit is responsible for the preparation of local master plans and local detailed plans in the Town of Raahe. Some plans or the clearance procedures required for them are prepared by the town as its own work. In addition, the unit is tasked with monitoring the preparation of plan designs and reports carried out as consultancy work. The unit also participates in the preparation of the town’s other land use plans.

In addition to design work, the Planning Unit provides statements for decisions concerning the need for planning, deviation decisions and permits for landscape work and participates in inspections associated with building control, for example. Advance information on planning can be requested for plans related to construction projects and land use. In addition, when buying a property, it is advisable to be aware of the plan situation concerning it.

Planning Unit personnel

  • Planning Manager Anu Syrjäpalo
  • Planning Architect Jaana Pekkala
  • Plan Designer Mathias Holmén
  • Plan Designer Outi Järvinen
  • Design Assistant Marjaana Mankinen
  • Design Assistant Riitta Svensk
  • Design Assistant Eila Tikkala