Raahe sub-region Integration Centre

KotoNeuvo provides low-threshold advisory and guidance services for immigrants in the Raahe sub-region (Raahe, Siikajoki, Pyhäjoki).

KotoNeuvo provides support, guidance and advice on matters such as residence permits, family services, education or health services. If necessary, a KotoNeuvo employee can also contact other authorities on behalf of a client.

KotoNeuvo employees also prepare initial assessments and integration plans for immigrants within the scope of integration, in which individual objectives for integration are listed.

KotoNeuvo provides services in Finnish and English and, if necessary, through an interpreter in the client's mother tongue.

Do the following

You can contact KotoNeuvo by calling, texting or visiting the office.

To whom and on what terms

The service is intended for immigrants in the Raahe sub-region.

Service location

Premises for the local government trial on employment.

Rantakatu 8 C 5. ovi, 3. kerros
92100 RAAHE

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Telephone service

Integration coordinator’s telephone
+358 401308281