The City of Raahe is well-prepared to accommodate the industrial growth, with a record number of plots available. Logistically, the city’s location is ideal: your products can be delivered to destinations around the world by air from an airport only an hour’s drive away, from the city’s own port that is one of the busiest in Finland, by rail or by Highway 8 passing right by the city.

Reservation of plots

All industrial plots can be leased or purchased. You can browse for the location and prices of the plots from the Tonttipörssi map service. The city’s business services manager is happy to tell you more about the plots available and other facility service opportunities. The manager also helps you to create networks with other businesses in the field. And the Raahe Region Development is also happy to provide further assistance in building cooperation and partnership networks, charting different funding alternatives and developing the business.

Tokola industrial area at an exceptional location

The Tokola industrial area, being completed as we speak, offers 36 plots, the majority of which are owned by the city and some by private operators, in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Raahe. The prices are also competitive, considering the excellent location and price levels in other areas.

A lot of space at Kaupunginmetsä by Highway 8

Another area where there are still plenty of plots available is located in the Kaupunginmetsä area, also known as the Kiilu industrial area. In total, the area contains about 30 plots that can be combined to meet your business needs.

Aerial view of Tokola area near the steel factory and the port.
The Tokola area is right beside the port. Picture: The City of Raahe.
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