Raahe is a nice size place for an entrepreneur: no matter whom you turn to, they will always know who is the best person to help you out. We welcome all new entrepreneurs, understanding that successful and thriving businesses are good for us all.

Valuable information – free of charge

Raahe Region Development offers advice for all businesses and people interested in entrepreneurship regardless of the line or size of business. All customers are equally important: you can contact the service even if you only have a preliminary idea of a business or just want to discuss matters related to your business over a cup of coffee.

The experts are equipped with a comprehensive overall picture of the city, quiet knowledge about the ins and outs in the business sector and excellent contacts. They provide free-of-charge advice also on topics like business locations, changes in business, investments and business development.

Businesses moving in the area or looking for premises in the area can also turn to the city’s Business Services Manager. The manager has the latest information on available plots and business premises. Networks and public relationships are also a vital part of the manager’s job description.

Projects as additional tools

In addition to the basic services, the Raahe Region Development also offers impetus to local businesses through different kinds of projects. The projects are always planned or participated in based on the needs of the business sector. Projects may be used to organise training and briefings, to create networks beyond regional borders or innovative operating models and to find experts helping the businesses in their development. More information about current projects can be found on the Raahe Region Development website.

Raahe Region Development
Business Development Manager Jussi Kemilä
tel. +358 40 830 3018
jussi.kemila [at]
Raahe Region Development
Business Development Manager Riitta Palosaari
tel. +358 40 830 3198
riitta.palosaari [at]
City of Raahe
Business Services Manager
Harri Tuomikoski
tel. +358 40 135 6811
harri.tuomikoski [at]