Municipal early childhood education

The Town of Raahe offers early childhood education services in day care centres, group family day care, family day care and play activities.

Day care centres 

There are currently eight municipal day care centres in the Raahe area. The day care centres are normally open from 6.30 am to 4.30 pm. For children in need of 24-hour care, it is organised at the Lybeckerinpuisto day care centre in Raahe and the Vihanti day care centre in Vihanti. The day care centres of Kummatti and Satulehto organise care with extended opening hours on weekdays.

Shift care and extended opening hours are intended for needs resulting from parents’ work or study only, and are organised based on care hours declared in advance.

Family day care

The Town of Raahe currently has circa 10 municipal family day care providers working in their own home, as well as one group family day care centre with 12 places.

Play activities

Play activities are part of day care in Raahe, and the services are available to all residents. The facilities are located in Ollinsaarenkuja 1 Raahe.


Toys on sandbox.
Photo: Pixabay.