Case management services

Case management services provide guidance and advice in matters of early childhood education, such as applying for a place in day care. The person in charge of case management is Sanna Ilmakangas, tel. +358 40 130 8213. If there is no answer, you can leave a message or a call back request.

Applying for a place in early childhood education 

The application process for early childhood education follows the so-called principle of continuous admission. The deadline for submitting an application depends on the grounds on which a place in day care is sought. As a rule, the application should be submitted four (4) months before the child needs the place in day care.

If the start date of care cannot be predicted and the need for a place in day care is due to employment, study or training, the place in day care must be sought as soon as the start date is known, but at least two (2) weeks before the need for care begins.

Electronic services

Electronic services are available for the early childhood education services of the Town of Raahe. To log into electronic services, you need online banking credentials, a Finnish Unique Identification Number or Mobile ID. Through the service, you can for example apply for a place in early childhood education and enrol in preschool education. Please note: a separate electronic application should be completed for each child seeking a place in day care.

If there is an error message when submitting the application, please inform the office secretary:

  • Maisa Haapakoski, tel. +358 44 439 4377, maisa.haapakoski [at]
The child plays with a sandbox.
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Case Management
Sanna Ilmakangas
Tel. +358 40 130 8213
Office secretaries
Tanja Hartikka
Tel. +358 40 130 3873
Maisa Haapakoski
Tel. +358 44 439 4377