All children and young people interested in playing an instrument are welcome to apply for the Raahe Music School.

The Music School’s entrance exams always take place in the spring, with the enrolment period in March and the aptitude tests in April. The applicant does not need to have a background in music studies to participate in the aptitude test or any certain knowledge of their preferred instrument.

The selection of instruments in Raahe Music School is comprehensive: you can select vocal studies or instruments such as the violin, cello, double bass, recorder, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, kantele, guitar, electric guitar, percussion instruments, accordion, piano and organ as well as the trumpet, French horn, trombone and euphonium among brass instruments. In addition to the soloist studies, the child or young person can apply for a place in instrumental training which gives them an opportunity to explore the world of musical instruments. A placement in instrumental training enables them to move to soloist studies later on.