Raahe Music School is a regional art school that teaches music to children and young people according to the advanced syllabus in music as per the basic education in the arts.

The studies are divided into basic studies and advanced studies; teaching is also provided in the music playschool and the open division. The students are selected based on an aptitude test. The subjects taught are divided into instrumental studies and the basics of music. Each student at the school attends shared music-making sessions regularly. Primarily, the basic studies are completed during comprehensive school years and the advanced studies after comprehensive school.

Children can learn the basics of playing musical instruments in training groups, which take in children around 4-8 years of age. The Suzuki method is partly employed in violin studies at the Raahe Music School. The classes are provided as private classes, but the students also participate in group classes regularly. The parents play an important role as music educators in studies using the Suzuki method. Students are selected for the Suzuki studies based on interviews, while admittance to the music playschool and open division is determined in the order of enrolment.