Music playschool

Singing, music, playing and friends – all that is needed in an enjoyable music playschool!

In a music playschool...

  • the child’s interest in and love for music is cultivated through singing, rhyming, playing, moving and listening
  • the basic elements of music, such as rhythm, melody, form, harmony, dynamics, tone and various musical styles, are explored through play
  • the child’s development as a whole is supported through music
  • interactive skills are practised in a group

In the music training groups intended for children in primary school, the world of music is explored using methods from music playschool but with consideration for the fact that the children have reached school age. The group is suitable for children who have already engaged with a music hobby as well as those who are new to it. Participation in music training and music playschool provides good prerequisites for continuing to study music at music institutes.

In the music playschool, the children are taught in groups split by age:

  • 0-2-year-olds attend music playschool together with an adult
  • 3-6-year-olds attend music playschool without an adult
  • 7-10-year-olds have access to a music training group

Enrolment in the music playschool and music training takes place online in late spring, and the students are selected in the order of enrolment. However, you can ask for available places throughout the school year at the music school’s office!