Cartographic and geospatial data services

Geospatial data is information that relates to a geographic location. Geospatial data is often visually represented by a map, but can also be presented in statistical form.

The town maintains and develops a geographic database, which can function as a source for various map materials, such as large-scale base maps and diverse thematic maps. Map products are available as printouts as well as numerical files. 


It is possible to conduct various location-based surveys by means of location data available in the geographic database and registers. For example, the surveys may include distance calculations or comparisons of different areas or provide information based on a certain zone, area of distance or area subdivisions drawn up by the client. The results can be presented on a map, in statistical form and/or as a www map or application. The analyses are conducted mainly to support town planning and decision-making.  

Contact information

Geospatial Data Engineer
Matti Paananen
tel. +358 44 439 3247
matti.paananen [at]

Map Technician 
Vesa Kantola
tel. +358 40 135 6815
vesa.kantola [at]

Office Secretary
Leila Keränen
tel. +358 40 135 6817
leila.keranen [at]

Paula Heikkilä
tel. +358 40 135 6814
paula.heikkila [at]

Juha Autio
tel. +358 44 439 3587
juha.autio [at]