School transport

Principles of the pupil transport plan from 1 August 2019

In accordance with article 56 of the decision from 8 May 2019 of Raahe’s Committee for the Future, the town arranges school transport for grades 0–9 as follows:

  • For pupils in grades 0–9 if the journey to the school in their own area is more than 5 kilometres by the shortest route.
  • For special classes and groups, transport is arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • If a pupil goes to a school of secondary choice, the pupil is not entitled to transport, in which case the pupil’s guardians are obliged to take care of their child’s journey to school and the associated costs.
  • If a pupil starts the school year at a school into whose catchment area he/she moves later during the school year, the guardian is responsible for the pupil’s transport.
  • If a pupil changes his/her place of residence within the town to another catchment area in the middle of the schoolyear, he/she will be assigned a new school. The town arranges school transport to the new school if the journey is more than 5 kilometres by the shortest route. The pupil is entitled to continue studying at his/her former school if the pupil´s guardians take care of pupil´s journey to school and the associated costs.

Upon separate request, transport can be arranged for a shorter journey for pupils whose journey to school is dangerous, too difficult or strenuous for the pupil. The request should be accompanied by a statement from a doctor and/or psychologist on the difficult or strenuous nature of the journey. A statement on the dangerousness of the journey to school is provided by a working group assessing road safety.


Guardians can apply for school transport via the Wilma system. The form can be found under Applications and decisions, submit a new application.