Education for immigrants

Preparatory education

Preparatory classes for basic education are intended for pupils from immigrant backgrounds whose Finnish language or other skills are not sufficient for studying in pre-primary or basic education groups. The main emphasis is on Finnish language studies and the content of different subjects.

Teaching takes place in Finnish. The pupil is provided with his/her own curriculum according to which teaching is implemented. The pupil usually studies in the group for one year, after which he/she transfers to become a pupil at his/her own local school. During preparatory education, pupils are integrated into the basic education teaching groups corresponding to the pupil’s age. The purpose is to promote integration, the development of study and Finnish language skills as well as the adoption of broad knowledge and the content of different subjects.

The aim of preparatory classes for basic education is to provide the pupil with the necessary skills in Finnish language and other skills necessary for the transition to basic education as well as to promote the pupils’ balanced development and integration into Finnish society.


Pupils in pre-primary education apply for preparatory education electronically via the Wilma system or by filling in an application with the local education department. Otherwise, the principal of the school organising preparatory education should be contacted directly. Preparatory education is organised at Koivuluoto School (Principal Olli Kaisto, tel. +358 44 439 3384, olli.kaisto [at]

Education in Finnish as a second language

A pupil can study the Finnish as a second language and literature syllabus if his/her native language is not Finnish, Swedish or Sami or he/she otherwise has a multilingual background.

Native language education

Education in a pupil’s own native language can be arranged as an official school subject or as a club activity (Russian language). For more information, contact the principal of your school.