Participate and influence

In Raahe, the residents’ influence on the city’s affairs is much more than just choosing candidate in the municipal elections.

People in the workshop around the table.
Participation event for the planning of Pikkulahti. Photo: City of Raahe.

Keys to influencing

“Together we can achieve the best results.”

Active residents can get their voices heard through multiple channels. The opinions of the city residents are valuable to Raahe and everyone is encouraged to participate, so providing feedback and contacting units directly has been made easy. Open decision-making and active communication help Raahe residents keep up with what is going on in the city and when is the right time to tackle the issues you are interested in.

Residents evenings within the local democracy model and participation events organised by the urban planning department are good examples of situations where residents can present their views and ask direct questions. Live broadcasts from council sessions, in turn, allow even those who cannot physically attend to be present.