“Let’s talk about children” discussion

One of the cooperation methods between the home and the school used in the town of Raahe is the “Let’s talk about children” discussion in accordance with the “Effective child and family” approach. The method extensively supports the well-being of families and the “Let’s talk about children” discussion is used at several places of work. Using this approach supports the emphasis on preventative work mentioned in the fundamental points of the basic education curriculum, the participation of the pupil and guardian as well as consideration of the pupil’s individual conditions, resources and needs as part of pupil welfare work.

Schools in Raahe offer the discussion to all guardians in grades 1, 3, 5 and 7.  In addition, the discussion should be had when the child’s situation changes in some way (the child’s immediate adult changes at school or at home or the child’s life situation otherwise changes). A guardian may also request the “Let’s talk about children” discussion.