School social worker

School social worker activities involve supporting the pupil and cooperating with guardians, teachers and others in the pupil’s social network.

The aim of the work is to support the completion of studies, the pupil’s mental and social well-being and positive overall development. The school social worker participates in the pupil and student welfare of schools, engages in individual and group discussions, looks into the teaching arrangement opportunities needed by the pupil and, if necessary, creates social networks to support the pupil. If necessary, the school social worker directs the pupil to further care or other support measures. The school social worker can also help pupils at the transition points of education.

Senior school social worker

The services of the senior school social worker are available to all educational institutions and day care centres. The duties of the senior school social worker include, for example, partnering with a school social worker, school psychologist or school nurse where necessary and providing consultation in child welfare issues. The senior school social worker can be contacted in urgent matters requiring the help of a school social worker when the unit’s own school social worker is away from work.