Living in Raahe

We asked our people what is the essence of Raahe. Their answer was that it is our nature, the winds, the unique archipelago and the sea with all the outdoor activities. The mixture of modern days and history, the Old Town in the heart of the city, tales of sailors, the steel factory and hard work. The people and their honesty, resilience, modesty, vivid imagination and crazy ideas. Having all the services near, especially the library and education, the music school and all the small boutiques. Raahe is home. We welcome You to be part of it.

Girl in a boat at Kauneuskanava.
Housing area by the canal called Kauneuskanava. Picture: Leena  Harju.

Statistics about us

Our city is a home to 25 000 citizens. We have chosen to invest in our children and young ones who make 19 % of our population and hold the keys to our future. Only one quarter of us has chosen to live on rent yet there are affordable and comfortable apartments and houses available. We have preferred detached and town houses (75% of people), but new apartments in the city center are becoming more popular. People come to work in our city over municipal borders our employment self-sufficiency ratio being 118%.

Hard-working, stubborn, silent, warm, modest, introvert, home-loving, inventive, honest, loyal, satisfied, genuine people who are full of crazy ideas (citizens’ view, questionnaire in brand process 2018)

Our living environment in Raahe

Raahe is most of all industrial city, but far from gray or dull. Our archipelago is part of the Natura 2000 network and it has won the title of best trip destination in 2016. In Sitra’s recent research our city shared the 1st place as least polluting community.

In addition to excellent outdoor activities, we value our unique city center, which is a charming combination of the sea, the Old Town, housing, restaurants and shops – and still just few steps from the nature tracks. Area of Raahe is wide, bigger than Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa put together, and we have a large number of villages with their own special characteristics.

Boats and blue blue sea.

Moving forward

It is not a secret that there is a lot going on in the city of Raahe. Besides Fennovoima’s major project in our next door, we have other great plans becoming real such as reopening the Laiva gold mine and Ferrovan vanadium plant which will have enormous effect on demand for workforce. During the past few years, we have also had big investments in upgrading our city.

We have renewed our central library, hospital and swimming hall, which is nowadays more like a spa with gym, bowling alley and indoor sports facilities. The harbor went through major development and now there is a shortly finished industrial area right next to it with dozens of available lots. We are building new playgrounds for children and improving the present ones. This autumn we finished building the Antinkangas community center that holds elementary school, day care for 100 kids and youth services. There is a new housing area close to the center and the first patch of lots is now for sale or rent. In few years we are building 2 more new elementary schools.

Antinkangas community center opened in autumn 2018.
The newly opened Antinkangas community center has has such a great yard that it is full of kids after school hours too. Picture: Avario Oy.

We have every reason to be proud of our city and most of all our people.



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